Condenser is an important component of any refrigeration system. In a typical refrigerant condenser, the refrigerant enters the condenser in a superheated state. It is first de-superheated and then condensed by rejecting heat to an external medium. The refrigerant may leave the condenser as a saturated or a sub- cooled liquid, depending upon the Temperature of the external medium and design of the condenser. Next to compressors, proper design and Selection of condensers and evaporators is very important for satisfactory Performance of any refrigeration system. 

Type Of Evaporators

  1. Air Cooled Condenser Coil
  2. Water Cooled Shell & Tube Condenser with Cooling tower Water Circulation.
  3. Evaporative condensers
  4. Heat pump

Air source heat pump is meant for swimming pool heating & cooling. It applies titanium heat exchanger & heat pump technology which can move heat from atmosphere to pool water. It is helpful to get better performance in low temperatures. Heat pumps are easy to install & maintain. Standard capacity range available up to 200 kW; higher capacity available on specific request.

The Future of Heat Exchangers
Evaporative Coil Manufacture