Modular Chiller is the chiller system made up of modules which are the standardized parts or independent units that could be brought into the equipment room one at a time to form a fully integrated modular chiller system. Modular chiller system consists of one or more refrigeration systems mounted on a platform known as a “Table”, that are connected in parallel on a common header and electrical system. These configurations are then coupled together to form a complete modular chiller system. The master controller is responsible for the operation of all connected modules. 

Our wide line of Modular chillers uses Copeland Scroll Compressor and is compact, flexible and highly efficient with high-end modular designs for the market that caters to the critical cooling redundancy requirements. Our unique design of Modular chillers allows the customers for a more customized approach to the applications.

Installation Accessibility: This is one of the distinctive features of Modular Chillers as these chiller systems are much easier to install due to the modules that can be bought through a door or can be lifted in a passenger elevator.

Redundancy: This is another distinctive feature of Modular chillers.  The Chillers are equipped with multiple modules with dual circuits and multiple compressors.

Future Compatible: You can very easily add new capacity to the system when needed. 

Modular chillers are mainly categorized into two different categories:

  1. Air cooled Modular Chillers
  2. Water Cooled Modular Chillers


We at Cool Fab Equipments Pvt Ltd offer different configurations of air-cooled modular chillers ranging from 10 to 840 tons. We Offer air cooled split units along with remote condensers and air to water heat pumps in the modular platform. 



Our wide and highly efficient line of water- cooled modular chillers includes configurations from as small as 10 tons per module to as large as 165 tons per module.  These types of modular chillers are featured with variable speed scrolls for additional turndown and temperature control.



✓  Microprocessor Controller with Suction accumulator.
✓  Copeland Scroll Compressor.
✓  Both High & Low-pressure safeties.
✓  Weather resistant feature.
✓  Wired on the Industrial epoxy coated steel frame.
✓  Direct Drive fans.

✓  Uses a highly efficient coil for low air resistance.
✓  Highly efficient refrigerant.
✓  Thermostatic Expansion Valves.
✓  Insulated copper –brazed plate evaporator.
✓  Features a highly efficient control panel along with a digital temperature controller.


✓  Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry.
✓  Blow Molding, Laser Cutting, Welding.
✓  MRI Cooling Linear Accelerator Cooling.
✓  Breweries & Wineries
✓  Optics.
✓  Military.
✓  Dynamometers.

✓  Hydraulic Cooling Data Center Cooling.
✓  Printer Presses.
✓  Mining Extrusion.
✓  Medical Chillers.
✓  Laboratories.
✓  High Altitude.
✓  Injection Molding.