This type of cooling tower is using the principle of counter flow current between air stream and water. Water is distributed by sprinkler head and sprinkler pipe which is forced to rotate by supplied water pressure. Hot water moves down through PVC fills making thin water film in order to enhance the surface area of heat transfer. The cooling air is sucked from outside using an axial fan installed on top of the cooling tower. This makes the water temperature come down. However, air pressure loss will be higher due to the counterflow current between the air stream and water but heat transfer efficiency will be higher than in other types of cooling towers.


✓  Efficient treatment of water
✓  Prevent scale deposits

✓  Adequate air flow should be ensured
✓  Do way with or clean spray nozzles that get clogged


Structure Made of hot dip galvanized steel. All parts are connected with galvanized bolts & nuts Tower walls are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic.
Air inlet mesh Made of PE plastic to prevent foreign material sucked into tower.
Fan duct Made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) installed on top of the tower. Shape is cone to facilitate aerodynamic efficiency and reduce pressure loss.
Motor Motor is to drive tower fan. Due to humid air stream, the motor has to be water and moisture proof type IP 55 rated motor is normally used for our standard tower model. Unless higher rating is required.
Fan Made of aluminium alloy. Fan is to create airflow so that water will contact stream air at large. Axial flow fan is suitable since it can make high airflow. Good fan has to be high efficiency, less vibration, corrosion resistnace and safely operated.
Motor support Made of hot dip galvanized steel. It’s to support motor and gear reducer to operate securely. It’s installed on top of fan duct and be with fan guard to prevent danger of fan hit.
Water basin Made of fiber glass reinforced plastic. It will receive cooled water leaving from bottom of the filler. Cooled water will flow into auxilrary suction tank before it will be sucked and recirculated back for cooling machines and equipments. Basin should have enough volume so that water level will never lower than outlet at starting up and water will never over flow at stopping.
Filler Made of PVC plastic film and corrugated. Water will spread over filler. Corrugation will create thin film of water. The film enhances heat transfer between water and air stream.
Drift eliminator Made of fiber glass reinforced plastic (FRP). It will prevent the carrying over of small water droplet with air stream leaving the tower. It will minimize water drift loss.
How is the efficiency of a cooling tower measured?


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