Cool Fab Heat Transfer Pvt Ltd a well-renowned manufacturer and exporter of online Chillers with expertise in engineering, designing and construction of highly efficient and diverse range of Online Chillers.

Equipped With a refrigeration system, microprocessor, and axial flow fan, these chillers are highly appreciated in the market for their improved productivity and optimized process control. Online chillers are extensively used in beverage industries with other application areas being the Food & Beverage Industry, Paper Manufacturing, Plastic processing etc.


✓  Highly efficient Air-cooled Condenser
✓  Sealed Compressor- Make Emerson/DanFoss
✓  Anti-Freeze Protection- Castle
✓  Overload Protection: Siemens or Schneider.

✓  Expansion Valve- DanFoss.
✓  Cooling Coil- SS316 Food Grade
✓  Water Pump-SS 316
✓  Filter- TXV- DanFoss.

Chiller Selection Criteria



✓  Chemical Paints Industry
✓  Plastics processing includes Injection, Extruding, Thermoforming, and Blow Molding 
✓  Laser Cutting, Welding, Optical, 
✓  Paper manufacturing industry for Printing, Labeling, and CardBoard Plastic Film.
✓  Air-Conditioning solutions for commercial and non-commercial uses.
✓  Mechanical Industry for Cutting, Grinding, Polishing, Welding etc.

✓  Food & Beverage Industry.
✓  Sugar mills.
✓  Refineries.
✓  Pharmaceutical Industry
✓  Textile Industry
✓  Wood & Ceramics Industry.