Air Blast Coolers are used to cool the process liquid Temperature by Blow Cold Air. We manufacture Steam Air Heaters to preheat the Air with Steam or Hot Water. Finned Crimped Tubes are used for this application. Fin Tubes with SS or Aluminium or Copper fins are used to achieve Higher Heat Transfer Coefficient.

1. Header and Footer Type
2. Pipe Construction

Material Of Construction
Tubes : S S 316, M.S, Aluminium (20 to 16 BWG)
Fins : Aluminium, M.S.
Outer Body: M.S


✓  Food Processing Industries like Rice Bran
✓  Cashew Processing
✓  Wood Drying

✓  Chemical Industries like Paper & Pulp
✓  Alumina extraction
✓  KCl2 drying etc.

We have successfully provided Dryers to many Industries for above applications.

The Working Principle of Charge Air Coolers