The evaporator is to receive low-pressure, low temperature fluid from the expansion valve and to bring it in close thermal contact with the load.

  • ✓  The refrigerant takes up its latent heat from the load and leaves the Evaporator as a dry gas.
  • ✓  The function of the evaporator will be to cool gas, liquid or other Product loads.
  • ✓  In most cases air or a liquid is first cooled, and this is then used to Cool the load. e.g., in a cold-room air is cooled and this air cools the Stored produce and carries away heat leaking through the structure; In a water chiller, water is circulated to cool the load, etc.

Types Of Evaporators:

  1. Shell & Tube Evaporators
  2. Brazed plate type Evaporator
  3. Tube Coils / Tube Bundles Evaporator