These chillers make use of hydraulic oils of varying densities and are used to reduce the heat produced during the machine’s functioning. These types of chillers need to maintain the temperature of hydraulic oil and viscosity for the smooth working of machine tools. The hydraulic oil heats up periodically during the manufacturing process. However, having the oil heat up makes it useless for the process as oil loses its features. So, in order to increase the shelf life of hydraulic oil and the associated machinery; regulating the temperature of the oil becomes very important and is achieved with the help of hydraulic chillers which are usually connected directly to the oil supply or inbuilt pumps. The heated oil is circulated through the entire chiller circuit and thereby controlling the temperature.

We have expertise in manufacturing and supplying numerous ranges of highly efficient oil chillers.  We have designed the hydraulic oil chillers following the latest engineering techniques so as to cater the needs of different applications.

Our Industrial oil chillers are specifically designed to provide accurate temperature control of industrial oils for different industrial applications with cooling capacities ranging from 1.6kW to 21kW.

OIL CHILLERS are used to cool the following oils,

  1. Coolant Oil- Chiller
  2. Hydraulic Oil- Chiller
  3. Spindle Oil- Chiller
  4. Cutting Oil – Chiller
  5. Cutting fluid units – Chiller


✓  Electroplating Industry.
✓  Laser Technology
✓  Factory Furnaces.
✓  Plasma Spray Machines.
✓  Engineering & Industrial
✓  Aeronautical Testing Facility

✓  Induction Hardening Machine& Foundries.
✓  Dye and Pigment Manufacturing.
✓  Deep hole drilling machines and Pipe Bending machines.
✓  Defense Laboratory Testing facility.
✓  Chemical & Pharmaceuticals industry.
✓  Spindle head cooling machines.


✓  Life: 10-15 years.
✓  Cooling capacity range: 1.75 kW to 35 kW
✓  Noise level:< 85 dB.

✓  Operating temperature range: +10 to + 50C
✓  Operating environment: Both indoor as well as outdoors.
✓  Condenser: Air-Cooled,  Water-Cooled Fin & Tube
✓  Evaporator: Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.



✓  Safety controllers for equipment compressors.
✓  Delivers a high cooling capacity even in high air temperature locations
✓  Uses advanced version ‘H-smart’ microprocessor-based controller.
✓  Uses antifreeze safety and water flow switches.
✓  Very Easy Interface with BMS through protocols.

✓  Galvanized Steel Body.
✓  Highly efficient with greater liability.
✓  Efficient lubrication.
✓  Variable frequency drives option
✓  Warranty options up to 4 years.