Refrigerant dryers offer compressed air quality to minimize the energy loss and rust level that is adequate in several general manufacturing plant air applications. It is used at low pressures and also high pressures, during the air treatment processed compressed air is not used. For safety condensate discharge in the air-cooled and water-cooled dryers are equipped with a heat exchanger which is automatic condensate draining. As moisture is a huge problem in the compressed air systems which is caused by the condensed water is an important issue. During the cooling process, the moisture will get condensed and water droplets are formed which can be separated from the compressed air stream. With the help of the dedicated drain, the collected liquid will be discharged. When the ambient temperature is high, the capacity of the refrigeration dryers increases while the moisture level increases as the temperature rises.


✓  Stable with low-pressure dew points
✓  During breaks, huge potential savings in partial-load operation
✓  Very robust with low maintenance
✓  Electronic controller for comprehensive system monitoring

✓  High-efficiency heat transfer performance
✓  Unique patents for cross-flow design 
✓  Oil blockage free


✓  Pneumatic control systems
✓  Telecom industry

✓  Paint industry
✓  Textile industry