RO chiller enables you to have the chilled water temperature instantly with adjustable water thermostat temperature range from 42 to 54. We are engaged in providing the quality-assured range of RO Water Chillers that can be used for a number of different applications including educational institutions, hostels, health industry, medical industry etc.

Our compact designed RO water chillers use high-quality stainless steel both inside out to maintain the purity of water as high-quality stainless steel instantly chills the water to perfection while maintaining the purity. This chiller system easily installs to both RO and filtered water systems and usually comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


✓  Instant cooling.
✓  RO Plant: 1000 Liters per hour.
✓  RO technology.

✓  Chiller: Cooling 1000 Liters per hour
✓  Widely demanded for reverse osmosis of water.
✓  Multi-functional with energy efficient design.


✓  Dairy farms.
✓  Milk processing industries.
✓  Food processing industries.
✓  Health & Medical Industries.

✓  Small and medium scale industries.
✓  Commercial places like hotels, restaurants, Banks etc.
✓  Educational institutions like Schools, Colleges etc.

Types of Chiller and Its Features


✓  Adjustable thermostat.
✓  Tank:  .6 gallon.
✓  1.32 gallons per hour.
✓  Noise control system.
✓  Environmental Friendly

✓  Motor compressor thermally protected
✓  1-year non-transferable manufacturer’s warranty
✓  Features with sink water chiller ideal for residential and office use.
✓  Chills water instantly between 42 to 54.
✓  Stainless steel construction inside-out