Our Square cooling towers operate upon the induced draft counter-flow principle. These lightweight, tough, and compact cooling towers are modular in nature to help design a customized structure to suit the customer’s requirement.

These series of cooling towers comprise design, axial flow fan, casing, basin, fill, motors, splash caps, water distribution, etc. functions and deliver superior performance results. Immense flexibility is brought in by the multi-cell cooling towers, which may be tailor-made as per an individual’s duty conditions and space availability. The series employs a static water distribution system made of PVC pipes with multiple branch arms and PP splash caps for low-pressure drop and uniform distribution of water throughout the fill area.

The water cooling is obtained with a counter-current system, i.e. hot water falling down splashing, and fractioning through the picking/filling in a myriad of drops while the air stream is on its way up. Very effective heat exchange is reached by this means. The design of square cooling towers assures a high degree of performance and durability while functioning to perfection. The good quality, affordable cost, and great operating capability have made these cooling towers an appreciable choice for many industries and engineers.


✓  Aluminum Die casting
✓  Dairy industry
✓  Chemical industries
✓  Oil refineries
✓  Automobile industries
✓  Plants manufacturing glass

✓  In cold rooms and air condition plants
✓  Forging and Mechanical industries
✓  By plastic molding machinery
✓  Megawatt project industries’ heat process
✓  In the food industry, Food Processing


✓  The flow of water ranges between 5 M3/Hr To 11000 M3/Hr
✓  The design easily blends with the architectural environs
✓  A temperature difference from 4°C to 30 °C can be ensured
✓  It uses less energy on the whole due to minimal resistance of air to water
✓  Nozzles are designed for easy cleaning while running square Cooling Tower
✓  The casing of the same is of tough Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP). It possesses sufficient structural power to endure winds of high velocities as well as vibrations. Besides Gel coat, an ultraviolet stabilized resin is also used for extended life. The square Cooling Tower is resistant to local impacts and local repairs could be easily done in case of occurrence of slight damages


Casing FRP material is considered to have a high strength to weight ratio. They are used for building towers because of specific stiffness and the capability of chemical addition.
The labor and equipment cost of using FRP is relatively less given other advantages of less installation time, minimum service, and lessor no chances of downtime. FRP absorbs seismic blast energy, as such the material is often used as a polymer damper
Structure There are several benefits of galvanized steel employed in cooling towers. To start with, the cost of galvanizing is lower than any other protective coating for steel. There is also fewer maintenance charges with advantages of long life, tough coating, complete protection, reliability with ease of inspection, and automatic protection against damages.
Motor Direct drive motors are common in square cooling tower design. They are useful because of the low maintenance requirements. There are several options under the right direct drive in which the motor directly drives the cooling tower fan.

The motor of a direct drive offers minimal maintenance requirements with high reliability. In most cases, direct-drive motors have permanent magnet motors. The use of the technology has grown over the past decade and is widely used in numerous applications that need powerful motors for operation.

Fan The fans work towards the scientific principle of gravity and display a high volume of air, despite the lightweight. The axial flow fans are considered efficient because of the optimal aerodynamic forces that vary according to the duty position. The axial flow fans can be run at rotational speeds to produce the necessary pressure. They are considered better than centrifugal fans because of the easy usability to draw air forward, eliminating any centrifugal effect generated during the airflow.
Fills The basic advantage of using PVC film fills is to improve water distribution. The film fills work by cutting the water stream while flowing through the cooling tower fill pack. The counter flow system features a bonded end for strength and durability. The cooling towers operate by high thermal performance and low-pressure drop.

Each of them is balanced by the film fills in its appropriate engineered microstructure design, thereby maintaining high standards of manufacturing for cooling towers. One of the best efficient filling media is the PVC film fills.

Both counterflow and crossflow cooling towers employ their usage, although in most cases small size towers employ them. Their durability, reliability, and efficiency result in capital cost-cutting as well as reduced operational cost, thereby lowering the entire pump cost. The film fills offer heat exchange by distributing the water droplets into a thin molecular film.

Motor support Made of hot dip galvanized steel. It’s to support motor and gear reducer to operate securely. It’s installed on top of fan duct and be with fan guard to prevent danger of fan hit.
Nozzle Counterflow square cooling towers are typically in practice due to low-pressure spray nozzles capable of dividing the hot water equally over the infill surface. The spray nozzles distribute the water in fine droplets. The presence of a drift eliminator above the water distribution area rejects water in liquid form and keeps it in the circulating system
Square cooling tower
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