chilled water cooling coil

Industrial Coil Units

Industrial Coil Units

  1. Outdoor coil units
  2. Indoor coil units
  3. Fan coil units

Outdoor coil units

When the surface temperature of the outdoor coil in an ASHP unit is below both the air dewpoint and the freezing point of water, frost can form and accumulate over the surface of the outdoor coil, which is usually of a multi-circuit structure in order to minimize its refrigerant pressure loss and enhance the heat transfer between the refrigerant and outdoor air.

Indoor coil units

Fan Coil Units are a fairly simple design. You can see where it gets it’s name from because it basically just a fan and a coil heat exchanger. The fans then force the air through the heating and/or cooling coils. They are just coil heat exchangers which simply heat the air up or cool it down, depending on the requirements for the local environment. Some units will be heating only, some will be cooling only and others will have both heating and cooling capabilities.

Fan coil units

Mainly used in the refrigeration industries such as chemical industry, food industry, milk plants etc. This Cold Room Fan Coil Unit made of SS Sheets is engineered with utmost care to ensure its quality and performance. As it consumes less electric power and is low on noise yet gives high performance, it is one of our best products that we export to our clients in India and abroad. This also has to do with its quality which is at par with the international standard. It also has certain features such as a compact design, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness which makes it popular with our clients and customers.

We at Coolfab equipments manufacture and produce Industrial Coil Units to our clients. We have Some of the other coils as well.

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