Evaporative Coil Manufacture

Evaporative Coil Manufacture

Evaporative Coil Manufacture

CoolFab is one of the leading Evaporative Coil Manufacturer for a wide range of applications in HVAC and refrigeration industry. Evaporative coils, also known as evaporator coils, are an essential element in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. These coils grease the heat exchange process by allowing a refrigerant to evaporate and absorb heat from the surrounding air. The manufacture of evaporative coils involves several steps

1. Design and Engineering :

CoolFab offers a wide range of evaporator coils with a different fin space selection ranging from1.15 to8.5mm.The manufacturing process begins with the design and engineering of the evaporative coil. This includes determining the coil’s size, shape, materials, and specifications based on the conditions, it’ll be a part of.

2. Material Selection :

Choose appropriate materials for the coil, generally metals with good thermal conductivity. Copper and aluminum are generally used due to their excellent heat transfer properties and corrosion resistance.

3. Tube conformation :

However, it’s formed into the desired shape for the coil, If copper tubing is chosen. Tubes can be bent, shaped, and sized according to the coil’s design. The bending process can be performed using specialized machinery.

4. Fin Manufacturing :

Aluminum or copper fins are created to enhance the surface area of the coil and improve heat transfer. Fins are often attached to the tubes using methods like mechanical expansion or louvering.

5. Assembly :

The tubes and fins are assembled to form the coil. This process may involve stacking multiple rows of tubes and attaching fins to create a compact and efficient heat exchanger.

6. Brazing or Welding :

The assembled components are brazed or welded to create a strong, durable bond between the tubes, fins, and headers. This process is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the coil.

7. Pressure Testing :

The completed coil undergoes pressure testing to ensure that it can withstand the operating pressures and remains leak-free. This is a critical step to guarantee the reliability and safety of the evaporative coil.

8. Coating( Optional) :

Some coils may undergo coating processes to enhance corrosion resistance. This is particularly important in environments where the coil is exposed to corrosive elements.

9. Quality Control :

The finished coils are subjected to quality control measures to check for dimensional accuracy, structural integrity, and overall performance. Any defects are addressed before the coils are approved for use.

10. Packaging and Shipping :

Once quality control checks are complete, the evaporative coils are packaged securely for shipment to manufacturers of air conditioning or refrigeration systems.

It’s important to note that the specific manufacturing process may vary depending on the type of evaporative coil(e.g.,A-coil, N- coil) and the intended application. Furthermore, we’ve the expertise to Evaporative Coil Manufacture and bent coils with end plates, which are widely used in heat pumps for both domestic and commercial applications.

Evaporative Coil Manufacture


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