Exporters of Counter Flow Square Cooling Tower

Exporters of Counter Flow Square Cooling Tower

Exporters of Counter Flow Square Cooling Tower

Exporters of Counter Flow Square Cooling Tower is a type of cooling tower design that offers the maximum thermal performance for its area of occupation. The fill media is horizontally installed beneath the hot water distribution basin, and the cooling process is carried out as the air passes through the fill absorbing the heat from the water flowing down the fill.

Coolfaqbequipments is ” ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company is widely known as the recognized leader in the manufacturers, suppliers and Exporters of Cooling Towers. We are since 2010 its establishment is counted among the leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Service provider of industrial cooling towers and other industrial equipments.

Exporters of Counter Flow Cooling Tower

FRP Cooling Towers are more compact, light in weight, least power consumption, long-lasting, Durable and lowest maintenance expenditure. Since Hot dip galvanized structural and stainless steel fasteners used, FRP Towers are corrosion Free.

Adjustable pitch, Aluminum [LM-6] or FRP Fan Blades are directly mounted on the Electric motor [IP 55, with Stainless steel shaft, TEFC Special type cooling tower motor] to avoid excess power consumption and unnecessary gear driven problems. All moving parts can easily approached from top. So easy maintenance is possible. Smaller capacities factory assembled and just bolting at site is enough. However higher capacities assembled into the site only to avoid excess transportation cost.In a counter flow cooling tower, the direction of the flow of water is in the opposite direction. The warm water is distributed at a right angle to the flow of air in crossflow cooling towers. is a cooling tower in which hot water flows through the filler from top to bottom, air flows through the filler from bottom to top, and hot water.

Highlighting Features:

  • Stationer non-clog nozzle for easy maintenance
  • Weather proof IP 55 flange mounted with extended shaft
  • Aerodynamically designed air inlet louvers made of extruded PVC for least water losses
  • PVC fills for larger contact surface area Auto fill float


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