Refrigeration Air Dryer

Advantages of Refrigeration Air Dryer

Advantages of Refrigeration Air Dryer

It is a kind of compressed air dryer that takes moisture out of compressed air using a refrigeration system. The moisture in the air condenses into liquid droplets as it is compressed, making the air heated. If this moisture is not taken out of the compressed air, it may harm pneumatic equipment, corrode pipes, and degrade the quality of the final product.

Basically, Refrigeration air dryers offer several advantages over other types of compressed air dryers. Here are some of the main advantages as following;


Compared to desiccant or membrane compressed air dryers, refrigeration air dryers are often less expensive.

Low maintenance

In comparison to other dryer types, refrigeration air dryers require very little maintenance. They normally simply need routine cleaning and sporadic filter replacement.

High efficiency

The majority of applications that need for dry air may be satisfied by refrigeration air dryers, which can attain dew points as low as 3°C (37°F).

Energy efficient

Refrigeration air dryers are energy-efficient because they recirculate chilled air using a closed-loop method. Additionally, they feature low pressure drop, which lowers the amount of energy needed to compress the air.

Compact size

Refrigeration air dryers are perfect for applications where space is limited. Since they are often smaller than other types of compressed air dryers.

Simple installation

Refrigeration air dryers can be attached to an existing compressed air system with only minor adjustments.

Overall, refrigeration air dryers provide a practical and cheap method to dry compressed air, enhancing the performance and dependability of pneumatic machinery and procedures.


  1. Stable with low-pressure dew points
  2. During breaks, huge potential savings in partial-load operation
  3. Very robust with low maintenance
  4. Electronic controller for comprehensive system monitoring
  5. High-efficiency heat transfer performance
  6. Unique patents for cross-flow design
  7. Oil blockage free