Refrigeration Air Dryer

What is Refrigeration air dryer

What is Refrigeration air dryers?

It is a type of compressed air dryer that uses a refrigeration system to remove moisture from compressed air. refrigeration air dryers offer an affordable and efficient way to remove moisture from compressed air, ensuring the quality and reliability of pneumatic equipment and process

Working principle

When air is compressed, it becomes hot and the moisture present in the air condenses into liquid droplets. If this moisture is not removed from the compressed air. It can cause damage to pneumatic equipment, corrode pipes, and affect product quality.

A refrigeration air dryer works by cooling the compressed air to a temperature where the moisture in the air condenses into water droplets. Then the condensed water is removed from the compressed air by passing it through a separator. After that the dry air is reheated and sent out for use.

Overall, The refrigeration air dryer continuously cycles the compressed air through the four stages. Compression, cooling, separation, and drying to remove moisture from the compressed air. Also it provides dry, clean air for use in pneumatic equipment.

Applications of Refrigeration air dryers

Refrigeration air dryers are commonly used in industries as following,

  1. Food processing,
  2. Pharmaceuticals,
  3. Electronics,
  4. Pneumatic control systems
  5. Telecom industry
  6. Paint industry
  7. Textile industry, where the quality of compressed air is critical for product quality and equipment longevity.

Features of refrigeration Air dryer

  1. Stable with low-pressure dew points
  2. During breaks, huge potential savings in partial-load operation
  3. Very robust with low maintenance
  4. Electronic controller for comprehensive system monitoring
  5. High-efficiency heat transfer performance
  6. Unique patents for cross-flow design
  7. Oil blockage free

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