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Shell and Tube Condenser manufacturer

A shell and tube condenser (heat exchanger) is the most common type of heat exchanger used in refrigeration industry. In this type of condenser number of straight water tubes are enclosed a large cylindrical shell. The shell may be with or without fins. The common materials for shell are steel and copper.

shell & tube condenser

We make Horizontal Shell and tube condenser Manufacturing, which are available in different capacity ranging from 5TR to 400 TR.

Condensers can be selected based on various types of Tubes such as

  1. 3/4” Plain Tube
  2. 3/4” FIN Tube (17FPI, 26FPI, 40FPI)
  3. 3/4” Enhanced Surface Tube
  4. Tube MOC can be Copper, Cupro Nickel, MS, CS, SS304, SS316, etc

Shell & Tube Condenser production includes a various range of condensers providing easy solutions for Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Cooling application including marine applications.

Working Principle

Shell and Tube Condensers are having two partition one is shell and other is Tubes. Here water runs through the tubes, and Refrigerant flows over the tubes to transfer the heat between the two fluids. For this purpose seamless/ERW or Rolled shell are used for shell. And Seamless/ERW tubes are used for Tubes.

Different Pass Arrangements are made by providing baffles in the water heads, Like Two, four, six and eight pass designs are common because the fluid can enter and exit on the same side. This makes construction much simpler and Helps to limit the tube Length.

Materials Used In This Condenser

Numerous straight water tubes are contained in a large cylindrical shell in this form of condenser. Fins may or may not be present on the shell. Steel and copper are the two most frequent materials for shells. Steel tubes are utilized in ammonia refrigeration systems because ammonia corrodes copper. The cylinder has grooved tube sheet welded to both ends.