Medical Industrial Chiller

RO Water chillers

RO Water Chilling unit is a machine that eliminates heat from the Water by Vapor Compression Refrigeration System. It comprises of four basic parts,

  1. an Evaporator
  2. a Condenser
  3. Compressor
  4. Measuring device.

A refrigeration device that creates cold water is called a water chiller. 12 degrees Celsius. A chiller’s main job is to reduce water temperature. And to a point where it may be used to provide cooling effects when integrated with other HVAC parts.

Our custom RO chillers provide options for temperature controllers to make using them easier. The chilling and purifying processes are entirely automatic. You can get in touch with us to acquire the affordable water chiller. we are offering for your needs in the home, hospital, school, and business.


Since high-quality stainless steel immediately chills the water to perfection while retaining the purity. Our small-sized RO water chillers employ it inside and out to ensure water purity.

This chiller system typically comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee and is simple to install to both RO and filtered water systems.

With an adjustable water thermostat temperature range of 42 to 54°F, RO water chillers let you have chilled water instantaneously.

We specialize in offering a quality-assured selection of RO Water Chillers for usage in a variety of settings, such as educational institutions, hostels, the healthcare sector, the medical industry, etc.


A water chiller is a tool used to reduce water temperature. The majority of chillers promote heat exchange from water by using refrigerant in a closed loop system.

The optimum place for a RO water cooler purifier is on the kitchen counter or beneath the sink.

We manufacture these systems using the greatest raw materials and most recent technologies. Meanwhile, the condensation of steam or gas provides the foundation for how water-cooled chillers operate. This cycle begins when water from the manufacturing process enters the evaporator to begin the chiller cycle.