Process water chiller

Process water chiller

Process Water Chiller is accessible in various determinations to meet the different prerequisites of customers and at industry leading cost. These modern chillers are comprehensively utilized for cooling of die casting and injection molding machines, welding equipments and hydraulic power packs. Our offered items spare power, require less upkeep, have control covered body and some more. We are the leading in Industrial Process Chiller Exporters.

Working Principle

Supplying the desired amount of refrigerant in a steady stream to the cold side of the evaporator. In order to remove heat from your equipment and direct it back to the return side, a chiller pumps the cooled fluid through the operation. We’ll go over more of the information you need to know about chillers’ operation in this post, including the features that we should analyze before buy a chiller you need.

Industrial Process Chiller Exporters India

Features of process chiller

  • To a great degree low commotion levels
  • Long life time covered hydrophilic condenser
  • Advanced temperature controls
  • Programmed defrosting capacity included
  • Rust evidence finish

What Features to look before buy a chiller

  1. Industrial strength performance
  2. Consistent temperature control
  3. Year-round operation
  4. Capacity modulation
  5. Customizable controls
  6. Energy efficiency
  7. Reliability

A process chiller is a cooling system that removes heat created during an industrial process. Process chillers cool a liquid that circulates the area that needs to be cooled, maintaining the set temperature. These conventional systems are different from HVAC chillers in most areas including water circuitry and component integration.

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