Multicell Cooling Tower Exporters

Multicell Cooling Tower

The Multicell Cooling Tower is part of the Counter-Flow Rectangular Shaped Cooling Tower series. The combination of multiple multi-cell cooling towers allows for the least amount of drift loss due to fully enclosing drift eliminators. Sometimes the fans in multicell cooling towers are cycled in order: All On, One Off, Two Off, etc. However, the subsequent data shows that there is a chance of freezing as a result of this. Our FRP Multi Cell Cooling Towers vibrate and generate little noise. Additionally, we offer it at a reasonable price.


  • Minimum drift loss because of fully covering drift eliminators
  • Combined design to save space
  • Optimized Fan design for low power consumption, low noise and vibration

Multi-Cell FRP Cooling Towers by Whaley Products offer flexibility and expandability. Individual cells can be isolated for service while continuing to operate the others. This provides redundancy and is critical in manufacturing process cooling systems.

We are manufacturing Condensing Unit Chiller are specially designed to cool oil directly through refrigerant-to-oil heat exchanging circuits. The Chillers are designed to handle the oil entering the evaporator at higher than normal temperatures, even the outlet temperature of the oil also being considerably higher than the standard process cooling applications. These Chillers are designed to work within extreme tropicalized weather conditions, handling high fluid temperatures, which makes the design of these Chillers intricate and very special. Designing and the choice of equipment are critical to conform to peculiar cooling requirements as well as very high oil pressures.

Condensing Unit Chiller are made in both Water-cooled as well as Air-cooled types. The Chillers are compact, oil pumps are mounted on skid and are completely factory made and tested.