Manufacturer Hydraulic Oil chiller

Manufacturer Hydraulic Oil Chiller

Chillers manufacturer are glad to introduce our Coolfab Equipments Pvt Ltd is an certified company & pioneer  in Design, Manufacture, Supply , Installation and Servicing cum Exports of All types of Cooling Towers, Industrial chillers. We aim at satisfy the needs and provide a complete solution to process engineering and utility requirements, In the field we named as best Chillers manufacturer.


  1. Highly efficient with greater liability.
  2. Delivers a high cooling capacity even in high air temperature locations
  3. Uses advanced version ‘H-smart’ microprocessor-based controller.
  4. Variable frequency drives option
  5. Galvanized Steel Body.
  6. Very Easy Interface with BMS through protocols.
  7. Safety controllers for equipment compressors.
  8. Efficient lubrication.
  9. Uses antifreeze safety and water flow switches.
  10. Warranty options up to 4 years.

The hydraulic oil heats up periodically during the manufacturing process. However, having the oil heat up makes it useless for the process as oil loses its features. So, in order to increase the shelf life of hydraulic oil and the associated machinery; regulating the temperature of the oil becomes very important and is achieved with the help of hydraulic chillers which are usually connected directly to the oil supply or inbuilt pumps. The heated oil is circulated through the entire chiller circuit and thereby controlling the temperature. Hydraulic oil chillers work by using the principles of fluid dynamics to transfer heat from a cold source into a liquid or gas

Hydraulic oil Chiller

So Hydraulic Oil Chiller cools the machine oil in the following way: Step 1 The water/glycol coolant is installed to cool the heated oil. The hydraulic oil either directly circulates through a chiller or is cooled down by an installed coolant. Step 2 The glycol/water coolant absorbs heat from hydraulic oil and gets heated.



  1. Operating temperature range: +10 to + 50C
  2. Cooling capacity range: 1.75 kW to 35 kW
  3. Noise level:< 85 dB.
  4. Condenser: Air-Cooled,  Water-Cooled Fin & Tube
  5. Evaporator: Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.
  6. Operating environment: Both indoor as well as outdoors.
  7. Life: 10-15 years.

HYDRAULIC OIL CHILLERS. Hiver offers a variety of Scroll & Screw type Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Hydraulic Oil Chillers for a wide range of capacities from 01 tons to 400 tons for continuous trouble free operation in hostile industrial.