Manufacturer Cooling Towers

Manufacturer Cooling Towers

We Coolfab Equipments employs a highly qualified and experienced team of technicians, engineers and managers in the field of Industrial Chillers, Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers. We provide the best practical solutions at all levels within and between companies and corporate governance, design engineers, project managers, supervisors and maintenance personnel to provide an integrated approach that could minimize risk and maximizes returns for all concerned.

FRP Cooling tower

FRP Square Cooling Tower

We are one of the leading manufacturers of FRP Square Cooling Towers that are compact.


Evaporative Industrial Air Coolers

We are one of the leading manufacturers of FRP cooling towers that are compact, space saving and has three pass eliminator that limits the drift losses.

Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

Closed circuit Cooling Towers are hybrids that pass the working fluids through a tube bundle, upon which clean water is sprayed and a fan-induced draught applied.

Cooling Tower is an Indian manufacturer and exporter of cost-effective and energy-efficient chilling and cooling systems including cooling towers, evaporative coolers, industrial ice-making equipment. The company provides these products to various industrial sectors such as food and beverages, metalworking, automotive, pharmaceutical and chemical and petrochemicals …

Cooling Towers: We provide a range of efficient cooling towers for our clients across the world.

Conventional cooling towers have been in use since the industrial age to eliminate heat from industrial procedures when natural cooling water wasn’t available. With the rapidly growing power and energy sector, rigorous research and development, and technological advancements, modern cooling tower systems eventually came into existence. Open-loop towers, closed-loop tower systems, counter-flow tower systems, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) cooling systems, evaporative and water cooling towers among others are some commonly used cooling tower systems. High demand for various types of cooling tower systems is attributed to factors such as rapid industrial developments, high demand for eco-friendly products, and increasing number of construction activities globally.

However, as cooling towers contain large amount of water, there is a potential threat of Legionella bacteria breeding in the heat-loving environment generated in the towers during heat exchange. There are high chances of acquiring Legionnaire’s disease if these water droplets are inhaled by people, especially those working near the cooling towers. Thus, to avoid this, maintenance and disinfection of the cooling tower must be done periodically. To overcome this problem, various manufacturers are focusing on developing enhanced cooling towers using UV and chemical treatments. Here are top 10 manufactures dominating the cooling tower industry.