Industrial Water Chillers

Industrial Water Chillers / Domestic Water chiller

A water chiller is a type of chiller that removes heat from water to cool it. And rebalance water to the process cycle. These are applied to home or commercial structures. Actually, chillers move heat from one area that needs to be kept at a certain temperature to another. The design and engineering of our water-cooled chillers is focused on maximizing effectiveness.

Water Cooled Chillers Forged under harsh conditions around the world. These type of Industrial water chillers provide high quality, operation efficiency, and energy savings.

Industrial Water Chillers

Custom Water cooled Chillers

Apart from our diverse range of water-cooled chiller systems, we are also into manufacturing custom water-cooled chillers as per specific industry requirements. We will first analyze if your application process/industry requires a more unique solution. Then our team of experts will make you walk through our design process. Afterwards manufacture the chiller system strictly as per your needs.


There are numerous applications that could be used, such as

  1. Large-scale district heat source systems,
  2. Industrial process cooling, and
  3. Air conditioning applications

Key Factors

  1. The tropicalized design of Water Cooled Chillers guarantees that they function effectively even at high ambient temperatures.
  2. Capacity modulation guarantees the necessary number of compressors work to manage the load, hence saving power.
  3. A counter-flow pattern provides the greatest temperature differential and is employed to further improve heat transfer efficiency.
  4. Simple designs yet highly innovative construction.
  5. Supports load-based speed of condenser water pump and cooling tower fan.

Water Chiller Maintenance

This systems require low maintenance and so are more user-friendly.  Below are a few procedures for the maintenance of water chiller systems;

  1. Firstly, Always try to keep the cooling and condenser fluids neat & clean.
  2. In addition, regularly check for electrical systems involved.