Hydraulic Oil Chiller

Industrial Hydraulic Oil Chiller

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Industrial Hydraulic Oil Chiller

Industrial Hydraulic Oil Chiller

During the manufacturing process, the hydraulic oil is frequently heated. The oil loses its properties when heated, rendering it unusable for the operation. Therefore, controlling the temperature of the oil becomes crucial to extending the shelf life of hydraulic oil and the related machinery. This is done with the aid of hydraulic chillers, which are often connected directly to the oil supply or built-in pumps. The entire chiller circuit is filled with hot oil, which circulates throughout to regulate the temperature. Fluid dynamics concepts are used by hydraulic oil chillers to transfer heat from a cold source into a liquid or gas.

Working Principle

  1. The water/glycol coolant is installed to cool the heated oil. The hydraulic oil either directly circulates through a chiller or is cooled down by an installed coolant.
  2. The glycol/water coolant absorbs heat from hydraulic oil and gets heated.

Features of Hydraulic Oil Chiller

  1. Highly effective but more liable.
  2. Provides a high cooling capacity even in locations with high air temperatures.
  3. Uses a microprocessor-based controller of the sophisticated version “H-smart.”
  4. Optional variable frequency drives
  5. Body of galvanized steel.
  6. Very Simple Protocol Interface with BMS
  7. compressor safety controllers for machinery.
  8. A good lubricant.
  9. Uses switches for water flow and antifreeze safety.
  10. Options for up to a 4-year warranty.

Hydraulic oil chillers Hiver offers a variety of Scroll & Screw type Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Hydraulic Oil Chillers for a wide range of capacities from 01 tons to 400 tons for continuous trouble free operation in hostile industrial.