Hydraulic oil Chiller

Hydraulic Oil Chiller Manufacturer

The hydraulic oil chiller maintain the hydraulic machinery safe by keeping the oil temperature within a certain range. It produces a cooling effect for hydraulic oil and lubricates the oil flow in processing machines by using cold water or glycol as a coolant.

Salient Features of Hydraulic Oil Chiller: Hydraulic Oil Chiller

  1. Compact Design
  2. Strong and sturdy body
  3. Machine capable of withstanding high ambient temperatures
  4. Constant temperature output
  5. Safety Controls
  6. Powder coated parts to avoid rusting
  7. PHE / Shell & Tube type / Immersed Coil
  8. Digital temperature controller display
  9.  Top branded efficient scroll compressor
  10. Multiple refrigeration circuits for glycol
  11. Large-sized condenser coils & air filters

Benefits of Hydraulic Oil Chiller:

  1. Hydraulic machines may cause internal damage due to oil heat-up. This chiller helps to prevent the machinery from oil heating by producing a cooling effect.

  2. The process of Hydraulic machines brings out a huge amount of heat that resulting in decreasing the density of oil. After that, The consequences are causing leakage, component damage. So Our Chiller keeps alive the solidity of oil by using a PLC-based controlled thermostat.

  3. The hydraulic oil chiller is accentuated by 3D CAD software for the unit components for the compact design. It helps easy to use and easy installation.

  4. Air filters and large-sized condenser coils of this cooler ensure the clearance of refrigerant motion inside the unit. It supports securing the unit from heat load damage during heat draining.

Applications of Hydraulic Oil Chiller:

Hydraulic cutting, turning, metal cutting, lubrication, shearing, hydroforming, broaching, EDM, milling, CNC machines, CNC lathe, honing, water jet jumps, quenching, drilling, grinding, extrusion and padder, etc.


  • Models: Oil-water coolers as plate heat exchangers or tube bundle exchangers, oil-air coolers, standard coolers
  • Heating or cooling capacity: up to 2,000 kW
  • Volume: flows up to 2,000 l/min
  • Temperature ranges: from -25 °C to +80 °C