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Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger The optimal combination of H and L plates can make use of pressure drop at the maximum limit.

gasket plate heat exchanger

Coolfab Equipments Advanced designs and clip-on gasket technology are used in gasket plate heat exchangers to maximize performance. We offer small-footprint, compact equipment that transfers heat effectively. Most importantly, they lower your running expenses and help you save money. Even the largest PHE can be quickly and simply serviced and maintained by one person using common tools thanks to the heat exchanger’s flexible design. There are more than 60 different model options in the product line. We can offer customised plate designs to meet your unique requirements.

The frame, heat transfer plate group, and clamping bolt make up a plate heat exchanger. The frame is made up of two compression plates—one fixed and one mobile—that are held in place by upper and lower guide rods. And supported by a pillar at one end. After heat exchange, the two types of media flow out of the flange holes on fixed (or adjustable) compaction plates. Each channel is made up of corrugated plates.


A sensible corrugation design,

  1. Strengthens the heat transfer process,
  2. Increases the plate’s effective surface for transferring heat,
  3. Creates turbulent fluid flow along the corrugation. On the corrugated plate’s sealing groove, sealing gaskets are attached.


  • Operating temperature
  • Operating pressure
  • Media
  • Type of operation continuous / cyclic
  • Cleaning methods & chemicals
  • Opening frequency


  1. An improved distribution area enables even fluid flow.
  2. Pressure drop at the maximum limit can be used by the ideal pairing of H and L plates.
  3. Removes the scaling region.
  4. The corrugated design increases turbulent flow, which enhances the heat transfer coefficient.
  5. Self-locking mechanisms on the plate’s corners provide secure fastening.
  6. Gaskets are made with a standard roof and leak-proof construction, which guarantees their endurance.
  7. Gaskets that clip on without glue