Freon Chiller Manufacturer

Freon Chiller Manufacturer

We Production the Freon Chillers Refrigeration system is a general term for a device that controls the temperature by circulating a Freon Gas to circulate in the refrigeration cycle to cool the liquid or Air.

Freon Chillers


Freon Chiller Manufacturer

A non-flammable gas which is known as Freon. It undergoes the vapourization process again and again within most refrigerators in order to keep the temperature low.

Process Explanation:

Firstly, a compressor in your chiller compresses cold Freon gas. A small amount of oil and freon gas is the combination that is used to lubricate the compressor. Once the Freon gas is compressed, at the time its pressure elevates and making it too hot. Furthermore, the hot freon gas moves through a sequence of coils, which has the power of reducing the heat and converting it into a liquid. Then the Freon liquid flows through an expansion valve, which causes it to cool down until it evaporates. The final output of this process is low-pressure Freon gas. The cold gas is then channeled through another set of coils. It allows the gas to absorb heat and lower the air inside the room or building.

Key Features of Freon Chiller:

  1. Extrusion for high air throw
  2. Aluminium powder coated, SS 304 & GI
  3. Powder coated body option
  4. Rippled fin edges for creating turbulence
  5. In airflow and better heat transfer
  6. Fin spacing from 4 mm to 10 mm to
  7. Reduce frost formation
  8. Bullet expansion on tubes
  9. Smart coil circuitry for low pressure drop
  10. Sine wave fin structure for efficient cooling
  11. Double drip tray for low condensation to minimize
  12. Air leakage

Scope of Freon units:

  1. Axial fans or tube axial fans
  2. Defrosting system with electric, water or hot gas or freezer room
  3. The expansion valve (on demand)
  4. Fan streamer to increase air throw (on demand)