Finned tube heat exchanger – Uses

Uses Of Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

  1. Finned tube heat exchangers are useful when the fluid inside the tube has a higher heat transfer coefficient than the fluid outside the tube.
  2. Automobile radiators are another example of finned tube air heat exchangers.
  3. A finned tube is highly useful in an air heat exchanger because one of the fluids is air or any other gas. The surface area of heat transfer is increased by the low air-side heat transfer coefficient.
  4. The purpose of the truck radiator is to cool the heated water in the tubes by passing air in a crossflow pattern through them. Condensing the air that passes through the evaporator coil of an air conditioner is another goal.
  5. Chemical, petrochemical, and automotive industries (heavy truck radiators, vehicle radiators, etc.) all benefit from finned tube heat exchangers.
  6. Dry cooling for steam power plants has grown considerably in recent years. An air-cooled condenser takes the role of a water-cooled condenser in this procedure.
  7. Fins come in a variety of sizes and forms for various uses, such as S-shaped fins in heavy truck radiators to enhance the surface area for heat exchange and speed up heat transfer. Consequently, these are the top truck radiators now in use.
    Finned Tubes Heat Exchanger

Why is aluminium used to make these heat exchangers?

Compared to heavier metals like copper or stainless steel, aluminium is a lightweight material. In the case of radiators, the equipment’s performance is enhanced by the lightweight material. Radiators are a wonderful application for aluminium because of its outstanding heat conductivity. Aluminum radiators heat effectively and rapidly achieve the required temperature as compared to other materials. This metal can be recycled. You are purchasing an environmentally beneficial product when you purchase aluminium radiators or fin tubes.

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