Dry Cooling Tower Manufacturer

Dry Cooling Tower or Closed-Circuit Cooling Tower is mostly used for diesel generators, induction Furnace, Aluminium Die Casting, Hydraulic Power Pack, and Compressors. It is a single unit that can provide from 1000 kW to 1500 kW capacities. It is a cooling tower that is used to cool and maintains the working place temperature at a particular level. Dry cooling tower process as heat transfer by a heat exchanger with extended fins. Contact us for the order.

The “dry bulb temperature” is what a standard outdoor thermometer is displaying. The air’s relative humidity is not taken into account. Relative humidity measures the actual amount of moisture in the air vs the maximum amount that might be present given the temperature. If the humidity reaches 100%, there is no possibility of evaporation because the air is entirely saturated with water. This means that neither the cooling tower at your facility nor the perspiration on your body will benefit from evaporative cooling. Your cooling tower will function worse than one in a lower humidity area at the same temperature while you simply sit there and perspire.


  • Dry cooling tower efficacy ensures minimum ecological impact.
  • No water consumption in this type of Dry Cooling Tower System because the air does not in straight-line contact with the water.
  • A huge of water gets conserved by using dry cooling towers.
  • Fewer water resources and greater than before water pollutions concerns have led to the explosive development of Dry Cooling worldwide.


  1. Coolfab was designed and developed to work with any size for various industries.
  2. Our Dry Cooling Tower designing department is routinely updated with world standards according to the International Standards designing by CTI membership.
  3. Designing teams are technically qualified engineers with a facility to meet various application needs.