Corrugated Tube Condenser

Corrugated Tube Condenser


Corrugated Tube Condenser Corrugations on the corrugated tube make a BIG difference.. Corrugated Tube technology has the potential to reduce the required heat transfer area by 50% as compared h 1 and h 2 are the partial heat transfer coefficients, W/m².°K.; R w is the thermal resistance of the wall, m².°K/W.; R f1 and R f2 are the fouling factors, m².°K/W.; While the values for R f are usually specified by the client, the values.Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger is shell and tube heat exchangers which use corrugated tubes instead of plain tubes. Corrugated tubes take the best features of both the plain tube and the plate heat exchanger. The tubes are corrugated to induce turbulence in both flows (product service) at lower velocities. This not only increases thermal efficiency but also eliminates product channeling. Thermal efficiency is so improved, that for typical thin film applications heat transfer area can be reduced to less than half of that required in a plain tubular heat exchanger.

Models available:

  • K-Series
  • DT-Series
  • MI-Series
  • AS-Series Heat Exchanger


  • ‘K’ Series heat exchanger consists of a bundle of tubes within a common shell
  • MI– Series is multi-tube heat exchanger for heat recovery and food applications.
  • DT- Series is a tube in the tube heat exchanger is capable of handling large particulates.
  • AS-Series heat exchangers are made from three concentric tubes, which give three annular spaces. The product fluid channel is surrounded on both sides by the service fluid. It is widely used for Aseptic and Heat Sensitive Material.


  • The heat exchanger finds its extensive use in various industries such as Chemical process, Pharmaceutical (bulk drugs and formulations), Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Edible oil Industries, Paper Pulp, Power, steel, coal, oil refinery, food and beverage processing industry and many more where a shell and tube heat exchanger is used. The heat exchanger can be used as Condenser, cooler, chillier, heater, sub-cooler, heat recovery applications and many more applications.