Air cooled chilers

Air Cooled Packaged Chillers

Air Cooled packaged chillers are often used in commercial and industrial applications where chilled water is pumped through process equipment. We Coolfab Equipments Pvt Ltd offers air-cooled packaged chillers in a variety of sizes. Ranging from a ton cooling capacity 0.5 to 60ton cooling capacity.

Air Cooled Chiller

Because of the vast range of options and accessories we offer for our air-cooled packaged chillers, we are a well-known manufacturer in the industry. Restaurants, hotels, corporate events, laser cutting, construction, industrial and manufacturing plants, etc. All use our broad and adaptable selection of highly efficient air-cooled chillers.

Applications Of Air cooled Chiller

  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Breweries Industry
  • Laser cutting Industry
  • MRI cooling
  • Restaurants & hotels
  • Medical Industry
  • Extrusion & Welding

Air Cooled Scroll chiller

These chillers has two types of Compressor modules. Units come with assembly in Air Cooled Scroll Chillers in Single Compressor Module and Multi Compressor Module.

Single Compressor Module

This type of scroll chiller uses only one compressor. The configuration is designed to offer chilled water even in extreme tropical weather conditions.  The Single compressor meets international standards and is easy to install.

Multi Compressor Module

These scroll chillers are mainly designed for higher energy efficiency solutions and are tested in confirmation to provide competent working.


  1. Highly energy efficient compressors
  2. Inbuilt Pump with Valves
  3. Water Flow Control Switch
  4. Water Level Switches
  5. Meets international standards
  6. High-grade material.
  7. Microprocessor Controls
  8. Process Pump of Stainless Steel
  9. Stainless Steel / 3Layers PVC Storage Tank with insulation
  10. Innovative Evaporator-in-tank configuration for high efficiency
  11. Designed specifically for weatherproof environments
  12. Least Operating cost
  13. Easy to install.

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