Air cooled chiller

Air Cooled Chillers Manufacturer

Air cooled chillers are refrigeration units that cool liquids with a building’s air handler system, In contrast to chillers that rely on cooling towers to remove heat from the building, air-cooled chillers use fans to do so.

Air Cooled Chiller



This chiller have an easy-to-install mechanism that saves our time and money. Also, the process of installation requires a minimal amount of time to install this chiller system. After that, you can realize How much time and cost can save for your organization while the process.

Low maintenance

These chillers also have the benefit of having fewer parts to maintain than water-cooled systems. Air-cooled chillers require less maintenance than other systems. Because they don’t need a cooling tower, condenser pump, and other components.

Energy-efficient operation

Electronically commutated (EC) fans, which reduce energy usage, are one of the energy-efficient aspects of packaged air-cooled chillers. Many businesses value the extra capacity for warming during the winter because the heat that is released during cooling can reduce the need for heat energy and costs.

Saves interior space

These chillers are perfect for establishments with limited space. Because they are housed outside and require less interior space than water-cooled systems. Because these chillers don’t require mechanical rooms, condenser pumps, or cooling towers to operate, they are more space-efficient.

Appropriate for water-sensitive areas

It offers a water-saving substitute for conventional water-cooled systems. If your business is located in a dry climate or has a limited water supply. You can eliminate the need for water for best performance by chilling your process with ambient air rather than water.

Doesn’t affect ambient conditions

This systems don’t change the ambient humidity or temperature, unlike some water-cooled chillers that can generate moisture and raise already humid industrial conditions to optimal levels.